Expert Courtroom Witnesses

Cutty and Associates’ Arizona Expert Witness Division provides professional investigations and a highly experienced team of expert witnesses for lawyers and law firms representing either the plaintiff or the defendant. What kind of expert witnesses do we partner with in Arizona and Nationally?

Experts in…

•Accident Fraud
•Accident Reconstruction
•Air Bag Downloads
•Apartment / House Fires
•Blood Analysis
•Chemical Analysis
•Chemical Exposure and Accidents
•Chemical Fire and Exploitations
•Criminal Psychology
•Criminal/Civil Traffic Accident Re-creation
•Cold Case Investigations
•Commercial & Residential Fire Cause & Origin
Computer Forensics/Cell Phones
•Controlled Crash
•Crash Data Retrieval
Document Examinations
•Eavesdropping Detection
•Electrical Fire Investigation/Engineering
•Firearms and Ballistics

Forensic Handwriting
•Forensic Photography
•Forensic Video and Photo Authenticity
•Friction Testing
•Hazardous and Flammable Chemicals
•Homicide Investigation
•Industrial and Household Chemical
•Motorcycle & Bicycle Accident Re-creation
•Pedestrian Accident
•Police Procedures / Training
•Professional Animator
•Scene Mapping
•Semi & Forklift Accident Investigation
•Slip and Fall Surfaces; Chemical, Epoxy or Paint
•Speed Analysis
•Tire Experts
•Vehicle Fires and Explosions
•Vehicular Homicide

Cutty Expert can provide some of the best expert witnesses in the industry today.

Our services are unique when compared to other services offered today.
In fact, this Arizona Division allows you to “outsource” your investigation and expert witness needs.