Cutty Security

Founder, Rick Hanson

Due to the ongoing security needs of some of our clients, founder Rick Hanson created a second company, Cutty Protection and Security, a security guard and bodyguard company. It has since grown into a one-stop-shop for all your security needs, serving Phoenix, Scottsdale, and surrounding areas of Arizona. Whether you’re looking for security consulting and risk assessment, security officers, bodyguards, vehicle patrol, asset retention, and more, we can provide a customized security program to suit your needs.

Our rigid hiring and security guard training standards allow us to provide highly effective licensed security guards (armed or unarmed), innovative surveillance, access control systems and expert consulting. Cutty Protection and Security delivers effective solutions to a wide variety of routine and crime-related security challenges.

We take pride in our commitment to pursuing the latest in security technology, diligently testing new cutting-edge advances. Technology, when combined with the best security personnel, results in the most effective and budget-friendly security solutions

Today’s security threats require professionals to ensure that your facility is not perceived as a target of opportunity. Beyond guarding precious human safety and valuable property, we provide a SENSE of SECURITY, a priceless and often elusive commodity.

When your needs go beyond investigation, for safety’s sake consult the best Arizona Security Guard company, Cutty Protection and Security. You can find the website HERE.