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Do private investigators work alone?

The many and varied roles and responsibilities involved in conducting private investigations make the work of these professionals very different from an ordinary 9-to-5 day at the office. Whether a missing person case, investigating marital infidelity or fraudulent insurance claim, there are multiple aspects to each case, from research to surveillance, that must be covered. Private investigators can work alone on a case or as part of a cohesive team in a private investigation firm in Phoenix, AZ.

When working as part of a team, private investigators take on different tasks; those who are particularly skilled in digital technology may be assigned research duties, while those knowledgeable and experienced in surveillance tactics may be more successful working in the field.

Those private investigators who go it alone must wear the many hats required by their operations. In contrast, in a team of professional private investigators, these tasks can be shared. More to the point: a team of private investigators can draw on the strengths and unique skillset and experiences of each of the specialists who make up the organization. The benefit of this team approach is a higher level of quality service, as well as quicker results.

Competencies required to be a private investigator

There is no singular path to becoming a private investigator. Some find their calling through their hands-on work experience while others may want an educational qualification to get started. Regardless of the trajectory that leads to becoming a professional private investigator, the following requirements are non-negotiable for success.

Up-to-date knowledge of the law

Underhanded tactics to gain access to information or obtain evidence may make for great drama on TV but they have no place in the real world of private investigation. Private investigators are subject to laws and a professional code of ethics in serving their clients, so staying within the bounds of the law is imperative. Circumventing the law in matters such as respecting privacy rights will create serious problems for the private investigator and render any information obtained inadmissible in court.

Technologically proficient

As in many other areas in the world of work today, private investigation is beholding to technological progress. Sophisticated gadgets and digital prowess have made information-gathering and the art of tracking people more efficient and effective.

Remarkably resourceful

One essential trait that offers rich rewards (metaphorically speaking) in the field of private investigation is the resourcefulness of the private investigator. The nature of surveillance makes this activity unpredictable and a private investigator must always adapt to changing circumstances. Being resourceful will also serve private investigators when they interview people: not only will they have to use their wits in extracting useful information, but they will also need to be adept at ‘reading’ people.

Being patient is key

Patience is a particularly rewarding skill for a private investigator. It is more of a rule than an exception that surveillance is a lonely and boring affair, where you wait for something to happen while being alert all the time. Surveillance can last hours, days or even weeks.

To attain a high level of client satisfaction, each member of the private investigations team working together to solve the case must abide by a strict code of professional standards. This code helps to deliver an honest, thorough, confidential and law-abiding private investigation service.

Why choose Cutty & Associates

When looking for a reputable private investigations firm to help you get the evidence or information you need, due diligence will lead you to choose a private investigations team that offers the highest performance level and quality results.

Our private investigations services at Cutty & Associates are guided by the principles of honesty, integrity and confidentiality. We offer a complete range of services that include in-depth background checks, corporate espionage investigations and marital infidelity cases. Give us a call, when looking for trustworthy private investigation services.